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Ortho Spore IG (90 ct)

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Ortho Spore IG may be beneficial to:

  • Help maintain normal gastrointestinal balance
  • Provide concentrated immunoglobulins to enhance mucosal immunity
  • Support digestion and micronutrient absorption
  • Maintain GI barrier health and integrity

Ortho Spore IG is a spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic formula designed to promote a healthy gut microflora, protect mucosal integrity, and relieve small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Each capsule provides key Bacillus spore forming probiotic strains that remain in a dormant protective state in the harsh gastrointestinal environment yet become active on target to colonize and recondition the gut. Uniquely included in this formula are serum-derived bovine immunoglobulins that bind to microbes and toxins that are common in SIBO, for elimination.