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UT Intensive (30 chewables)

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UT Intensive™ may be beneficial for:

  • Maintaining a healthy environment in the urinary tract 
  • Preventing urinary tract infections

UT Intensive™ is a powerful blend of whole fruit cranberry extract and D-mannose designed to promote a healthy urinary tract. Cranberry is one of the most widely studied, time-tested, natural remedies for supporting urinary tract health. Unlike many commercially available cranberry products, which are made from juice or contain individual isolated, health-promoting phytochemicals, the cranberry extract in UT Intensive™ is made from the whole fruit—juice, skins, flesh, and seeds—and therefore contains the full complement of phytochemicals, organic acids, fatty acids and phenolics.

Mannose is a type of sugar found in various fruits and vegetables. Its naturally occurring isomer, D-mannose, is similar in structure to certain urinary tract receptors, and thus, functions in a way which helps maintain a healthy environment in the urinary tract.* Although mannose is a sugar, it is eliminated from the body instead of impacting calorie intake or metabolism, and does not interfere with blood sugar regulation.*

This product is presented in great-tasting, chewable, orange flavored tablets, which allows for easy patient compliance.